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Thank you for considering me for your pets grooming needs. Unfortunately, I have had to make the decision to hold off on taking any new clients. Feel free to send me an e-mail if you have any questions, but for the time being I am officially overbooked.


Mobile Pet Pedicures +

Your mobile, professional pet pedicures in the Greater London Area

Officially Overbooked



Stop the clacking package

Nail trim and/or grinding



Those are some goood looking feet package

Nail Trim/Grinding with pad shave & foot trim



"Get by till your next groom" package

nail trim/grinding, pad shave, foot trim, sanitary trim, ear cleaning, light face trim OR 10 min of brushing


"If you could also do these" add-ons

“Help get rid of the hair” blow out or brush out (weather dependent, up to 10 minutes)

"Mats be gone" spot shaving
(up to 10 min)

"Looking smooth" Sanitary trim

“Now you can see those pretty eyes” light face trimming

"Gunk be gone" Ear cleaning/plucking (if necessary)







Officially Overbooked

At the time of booking, a $15 deposit for finalizing the booking will be required.

Additional fees may be necessary for location or animal behaviour.

**Additional family dogs $15 off package prices


Hi, I’m Laura!

My name is Laura and I have been grooming dogs since 2010. Before starting my grooming career I was also a dog trainer for 3 years. I have made pet care my life. During those years I have developed the belief that properly trimmed nails and maintained feet are the foundation for a healthy pet. 


It’s literally the most basic thing you can do to keep your pet safe and feeling good


​Long nails can cause your pets paws to not properly rest on the ground. This lack of stability can bring on arthritis or other degenerative issues earlier than normal. And as for hairy feet, they can cause more slip and fall accidents because your pet will have less grip since the paw pads won’t be able to touch the ground. Now imagine a combination of the two. Keeping regularly maintained feet is just good thinking.


And that’s where I come in.


Not every four legged family member requires a trip into a salon ever 4-6 weeks (although, for some it can be beneficial), but most do need their nails worked on every 3-4 week. Some pets hate car rides, some fear the hustle and bustle of a salon, and some families just don’t always have the means or time to get to their groomer for nails in between grooms. Paws’N’Go pets is here to help. I can schedule a time to come to your house and take care of those in between grooming services your pet needs to keep feeling good.

Happy Clients


"Laura has been great with our dog Riley. He is a very large puppy and Laura is awesome at handling and grooming him. Riley always comes out looking handsome and he loves his time with her. 

Rylie’s Owner

Definitely would recommend! 

I recently rescued a dog from the streets of Egypt. So he was not at all used to getting his paws touched, never-mind nails cut. Laura came along, and instantly made my dog feel safe. I couldn’t believe how she was able to do his back paws without stressing him out. She was done in no time at all, and the job was done perfectly! Her many years of being a dog groomer really shows and helped me with my anxiety of his first nail trim. I would rate Laura’s service a 5/5 and will  be getting her to cut Barry’s nails every 4 weeks.

Barry’s Owner

Laura is absolutely wonderful! She was so patient and kind with my pup, because of the pandemic it's been awhile since we've socialized! Laura knew exactly how to handle the room even with my own anxiety! 10/10 would recommend Laura's services! 

Quinn’s Owner

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